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Global Brands

Many of our brands are household names, trusted by customers to brighten, protect and preserve their homes, buildings, offices and factories. And our chemicals are essential ingredients in everything from ice cream to asphalt, soup to soap, and plastics to paper.

Some of our most recognized brands are listed here, and you can search through all brands using the menus provided.



  • Alco Chemical

    From the start, Alco Chemical has looked to produce new products, new applications and new technologies. Today, we’re also leaders in sustainability. For example, our new biopolymer solutions are not only sustainable, but safe and ecologically friendly too.

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  • Awlgrip

    Awlgrip has developed high performance coatings specifically for the yacht industry since 1973. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as a global market leader in premium topsides finishing systems.

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  • Butanox

    Butanox® is the world’s leading brand of methyl ethyl ketone peroxides (MEKP). These products are used for the curing of thermoset resins and coatings. Butanox is a vital ingredient in everything from bathtubs to sportscars and fishing rods to chemical storage tanks. Look around you and chances are you'll see AkzoNobel’s influence.

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  • Chartek

    Chartek® is the market leading epoxy intumescent passive fire protection coating. Used extensively in the offshore oil and gas market and increasingly specified in the high risk onshore oil refining, gas processing, petrochemical and chemical industries

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  • Cuprinol

    At Cuprinol we are passionate about wood! Cuprinology is at the heart of what we believe in, cheering up unloved gardens with creative and practical wood care solutions. We believe beautiful wood can transform your garden into a brighter, more inviting place which you can be proud of. Cuprinol, cheer it up

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  • Devoe Paint

    Devoe Paint was the first American paint brand, with origins dating back to 1754. Today, we offer do-it-yourself consumers and paint contractors a quality product in the can at an exceptional value. Sold exclusively through independent dealers nationwide, Devoe Paints offers a complete portfolio of specially-formulated coatings for virtually any application including residential, architectural, commercial and industrial.

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  • Dissolvine

    Chelate chemistry is used in many of our everyday items such as processing photos, cleaning detergents and preserving food. Our Dissolvine® chelating agents combine amine and carboxylic acid functionality into one molecule; this powerful combination forms much more stable complexes with metal ions compared to other non-aminopolycarboxylates (APCs) chelating agents.

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  • Dulux

    Dulux is the world's leading brand of premium quality paint, providing DIY users and professionals with the help and inspiration to achieve lasting good looks.

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  • Dulux Trade

    Dulux Trade is the world's leading brand of premium quality paint, providing DIY users and professionals with the help and inspiration to achieve lasting good looks.

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  • Elotex

    Elotex is a leading producer of building material additives. We make high-quality, re-dispersible powder polymers and performance additives. These can dramatically improve the performance of building products such as cement and repair mortars, stucco, floor coatings and wallpaper adhesives.

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