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Your AkzoNobel

Welcome to the family


Your AkzoNobel (YAN) is an association of young and enthusiastic employees who have been working at the company for less than five years.

The organization has a number of chapters currently running in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Germany, India and Sweden.

As well as introducing some fun into your working life, YAN can also give your career an all-important boost.

Our objectives

YAN offers you the opportunity to learn about the company through various events and workshops, which are organized on a monthly basis. Topics range from sustainability to innovation, and from pensions to personal development. Some of the events are organized by the local YAN community, while others are often arranged at national level.

You also get the chance to meet some of the company’s senior executives and top managers, who are always keen to share their experiences and answer any burning questions you might have.

In addition, YAN is a great platform to meet your peers and start building a network that could prove vital as you begin to develop your career within the company.

And as mentioned earlier, YAN is also fun. Various trips and get-togethers are often arranged, including social gatherings, barbecues, city tours and sporting events.

Learn, develop and connect

Read about some of our colleagues and their experience of working at AkzoNobel.